PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification Course in Cozumel, Mexico

“What is the one piece of equipment every dive boat should have? What is the best treatment for any dive-related injury, prior to EMS? You guessed it, an emergency oxygen (O2) kit. Now, who here dives with friends and family? So who on the boat should be trained to administer emergency oxygen to injured divers? This is a half-day of training that could save a life and doesn’t even require a training dive. This is the perfect course to combo with Rescue Diver!” -Aries Burns


PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider   $90

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification Course in CozumelDuring the response to almost any scuba diving related medical emergency it is critical to get the victim on 100% oxygen as quickly as possible. Every dive boat and dive site should have ready access to an emergency oxygen kit and every diver should know how and when to administer oxygen to a scuba diver experiencing a medical emergency.

Do you?

There are no diving, diver prerequisites or certifications required. Anyone of any age can take this course and be prepared to recognize diving related illnesses that will benefit from the administration of emergency medical oxygen.

This PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider certification course takes approximately 6 hours to complete with a qualified PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider instructor. You will learn about the causes, signs and symptoms of scuba diving-related injuries as well as the safety considerations when handling 100% medical grade oxygen. Then you’ll “learn by doing” to assemble and disassemble the emergency O2 kit as well as how to use various masks and demand valves in the administration of oxygen in a medical emergency.

Oxygen and a disposable non-rebreather oxygen mask is provided to you and included in the price of the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider certification course.