Our Cozumel Scuba Diving Certification Course with Scott

Our Cozumel Scuba Diving Certification Course

Cozumel Scuba Certification Testimonial“Scott, This is a little note to say thank you. Ingrid, as you well know, was very nervous about her certification. However from the moment you said “hello” you put her at ease. I am a teacher as well, but your classroom is much more beautiful. I take great pride in caring for my students and go above and beyond always. These are qualities I respect in others, qualities that you too exemplify. Please take this small token of thanks, (starting teachers don’t make much) for all of the memories made in Cozumel. We’ll be back soon!”

– Lee

I cannot tell you how great it makes us feel when we get these sorts of Open Water Certification client testimonials. We’re just getting Triple Sail revved up, so we don’t have enough material to get onto Trip Advisor just yet, but we’re working on it!

Scott, Ingrid and Lee - PADI Open Water Certification in CozumelAries and I put our hearts into every single diver we work with. We understand that each of them, as a scuba students of ours, are a reflection on us and how truly passionate we are about teaching scuba diving to others. Everyone is different and each has his or her own concerns, fears and questions about diving safely. We are mindful that it is your safety that is, in part, connected with the information and water skills we have developed with you, as well as the well-being of the underwater environment.

Skilled divers are confident divers who make smart decisions because of their training. They also make great stewards and conservators of our oceans. That’s important to us.

We’ll always go the extra mile with you.

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