Cozumel Scuba Certification Training Forms and Resources

Forms for Triple Sail Scuba Certification and Diving Clients:

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Medical Questionnaire and Liability Release – This is the form you will fill out and give to us prior to your Discover Scuba Diving experience. It is especially important for you to take special note of the medical questionnaire prior to booking your dive with us. If you have any particular medical condition that may make diving unsafe for you, we will have to first refer you to a physician for clearance, either at home or here in Cozumel, before taking you diving. A “yes” answer is not necessarily a disqualification; for example some of our clients get confused about what constitutes an unacceptable level of congestion or if a previous condition is going to be a problem. If you have questions or concerns, please ask us!!! Your safety comes first.

PADI Open Water Diver Course Record and Referral Form – This is the form to bring with you if you are completing your open water or scuba diver referral certification with us in Cozumel. Your PADI instructor will have completed this form, or one like it in a training folder or in your PADI dive log book, and personally signed and dated everything that you have completed with her or him at the referring dive center. He or she wasn’t a PADI scuba instructor? NO WORRIES! We accept dive theory and confined water training from other certifying agencies, like NAUI, SSI, SDI and CMAS, all the time. Your instructor will provide you with a similar form, and when we’re through you will have earned your PADI open water diving certification.

PADI Continuing Education Administrative Document – This is the form we’ll have you complete prior to taking any advanced,dive professional or specialty certification courses, and once is enough if you are taking more than one course with us in Cozumel. This efficient form is a standard liability waiver with a medical questionnaire just like you’ve probably seen with other PADI professionals and dive centers combined with your affirmation of an understanding of basic safe diving practices.

PADI Medical Statement and Participant Record – This is an in-depth medical questionnaire which includes a statement in which you are informed of some potential risks involved in scuba diving and of the conduct required of you during the Triple Sail scuba training program into which you are enrolling. It also includes very specific information for your physician and guidelines for conducting a recreational scuba diver’s physical examination. This is the form we would have you fill out in the event we requested a doctor’s clearance for you to dive based upon a more basic medical questionnaire or before completing intensive scuba certification courses such as our Divemaster Training and Internship, any PADI specialty certification course that includes diving in an overhead environment or past No Decompression Limits (NDL) (requiring decompression stops) and, in some instances, a PADI Rescue Diver course. We can arrange for an examination by an English-speaking physician already very familiar with recreational scuba diving right here in Cozumel for you at a cost of $50. It will take less than 30 minutes and by prior appointment only. Safety first and we’re here to help!


Resources for Triple Sail Scuba Training and Diving Clients:

Project AWARE – Our World Our Water – This is the necessary text for completing our Project AWARE Specialist or AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialist specialty certification courses. It is free to download compliments of Project AWARE!

A Downloadable Guide to Common Hand Signals for Scuba Divers  Effective underwater communication is necessary for the safe and efficient conduct of any recreational or training-related scuba dive. The most convenient and reliable method of communication between divers is through the use of simple hand signals. The Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) created this guide in an attempt to formally standardize the most common hand signals used during recreational scuba diving.


Things to Do When Not Diving in Cozumel or the Port is Closed: – Cozumel Photography Tours, Workshops and Video Services – Professional Photography and Videography Services, Tours and Workshops in Cozumel. Learn to use your camera better! “Give them 3 hours and they will give you a lifetime of beautiful and compelling image making.”


Forms and Resources for PADI Professionals:

PADI Instructor’s Manual (2015)

Discover Scuba Diving Client Registration Form

PADI Divemaster Application

Divemaster Candidate Information and Evaluation Form

Divemaster Skill Development Score Sheet

Divemaster Practical Application Record Sheet

PADI Divemaster DSD Leader Discover Scuba Diving Internship Completion Form